Album Review: Jet Life – Jet World Order

Hey folks this is the first album review from Leon Hart. I decided that the new Jet Life cd would be a good place to start because I want the first review to be a positive one and I don’t expect to be let down by the Jets. If you’re not familiar with the Jet Life imprint it’s headed by Curren$y a guy I keep in heavy rotation and the members include Young Roddy, Trademark the Skydiver, Fiend, Smoke DZA, and the recently signed Sir Michael Rocks of the Cool Kids. The overall rating will be out of ten and I’ll give a short preview of each song before dropping the overall rating. So let’s go.

1. Excellent – Good song, if you’re a fan of the Jets then this is the type of track you should be used to by now. If you’re new to this then you’ll soon learn that laid back, soulful tracks full of clever bars is what these guys do.

2. Business– Ok I had to favorite this one right from the jump. The beat hits hard and the lyrics are on point. Roddy and Trademark killed this one.

3. Paper Habits– Ok that’s two straight bangers. Young Roddy and Trademark took the gloves off and beat the beat into submission. Instant favorite.

4. Exhale– We dont get the hat trick after this one, cool track though. Your head will nod but the last two joints were hard to follow.

5. Lop-Sided– Now if this track followed Paper Habits we would have had that hat trick for sure. I damn near broke my neck rocking to this beat.

6. 1st Place– This is one of those radio friendly cuts right here but the Jets still keep it real with this one. My man Sir Michael Rocks who just signed with the Jets drops an ill verse too.

7. The Set– I’m digging the beat, and the flows put to them but the chorus seems a little awkward to me. I’m still not letting that get in the way of nodding to this joint. It has a lot more gritty of a sound than what I’m used to from these guys and I like it.

8. Nothing Less– Straight banger, period.

9. Picture Perfect– This is my least favorite track so far. Along with number one its a good song but as a Jet fan I’ve heard this before, only bad thing is I’ve also heard better. This is the first skippable joint for me.

10. Blow Up– Yet another banger and at this point I know I have a sure fire good album. These days if you can get all the way to track 10 with just one skippable song then your doing good…sadly.

11. Money Piles– This is the wackest song on the album by far. The good thing about the two joints I didnt like so far is at least the rapping isnt garbage, its just the songs as a whole just arent all that special.

12. Pilots– That’s what I’m talking bout. Roddy and Trademark end the album on a good note with this one. Not the album’s best song but definitely a good way to send the listeners out.

13. Outro– Nothing to see here, just an outro.

OK so once it’s all said and done I’d have to say that this album rocks. It has four bangers by my count and only two tracks that are skip worthy and even those tracks aren’t too bad. One thing that caught me off guard is that this is basically a Young Roddy and Trademark The Skydiver album and the other Jet Life members really only appear as features. Nevertheless it doesn’t hurt the album because the duo brought some of their best bars to the table. I honestly never heard these guys attack beats like this but I usually only hear them as features on Curren$y albums so I guess they never really spread their wings but they definitely made me gain a new respect for them with this effort.

Now as far as the final rating goes, the production was on point from front to back, the lyrics were grade A throughout, and compared to the rest of the industry it’s definitely original. My only knock on it is that compared to what The Jets (mostly Curren$y) have done so far it was pretty much what I expected. The good thing is that I expected good songs and that’s what I got regardless so I’m going to give Jet World Order a strong rating of 8 out of 10.

Album Highlights


Paper Habits

Nothing Less

Blow Up


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