Heavy Rotation: Childish Gambino – Camp

So, one day I’m online searching through some rap blog sites and I see Donald Glover the actor from the NBC comedy “Community” on stage with a mic in his hand. That wasn’t to weird me to me because the guy is a comedian but when I read the caption below that said Childish Gambino performing live I got very curious. So I click on the video not knowing what to expect, I didn’t know if he would be rapping or singing. Well I learned from that video that he raps and not only does he rap, he raps good. So from that point on I joined the growing list of people highly anticipating his first studio album Camp. Now that it’s been out for a while and I’ve digested it fully, it’s becoming harder and harder to remove from my ever evolving rotation. If you’re a hip-hop head this is an album I would suggest and you will be presently surprised. If you’re new to Childish Gambino as I once was, then check out his video for the single Bonfire.


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