Album Review: Asher Roth – Pabst & Jazz

Time for another album mixtape review and what better collection could I judge than my boy Asher Roth’s Pabst & Jazz. This is his first solo mixtape since the slept on Seared Foie Gras With Quince & Cranberry (which I thought was a real banger) and since the anticipation is high I figured I’d do a review for any reluctant listeners. So let’s not delay any longer and get right into this.

1. Pabst and Jazz (feat. Hassani Kwess, Kenny Keys)- Big time first track right here. Asher gets busy on this one and delivers some clever bars in his patented run-on sentence style. The featured artist were overshadowed on this track but they delivered nicely also.

2. Choices (feat. Action Bronson)- Whoooooohhhh! Two of hip-hop’s best white M.C’s on the same track and they absolutely killed it. They did not disappoint at all! When I first heard Bronson was on the tape I got excited wondering what he and Asher would put together and it exceeded my expectations greatly. Two tracks in and two bangers, good ratio so far!

3. In The Kitchen- I heard this track a couple months back and I love it as much now as I did then. Chuck Inglish is on the beat so if you’re a Cool Kids fan you already know what that means, straight head nod material. Three songs in and three super ill beats and no wack bars, we might have something here if Ash keeps it up.

4. Useless (feat. Pac Div)- I’m pretty sure this is really Pac Div’s song and Ash just threw it on here but no matter who this song actually belongs to the result is a banger. Pac Div’s on it so of course it’s pretty different but different is the Leon Hart way so I’m digging in it. With that said the first three are better than this though.

5. More Cowbell- If I don’t know anything else I know Asher Roth has to be one of the most undeserved slept on rappers out right now. Most of this song is just random bars but they are hot so I’m with it.

6. Bastermating (feat. A$AP Twelvy, Chip Tha Ripper, YP)- Asher completely kills this song. Obviously Ash Roth planned on sending a message with this mixtape. Twelvy was overshadowed and came with some average ass bars, Chip Tha Ripper bodied the beat as I expected and YP who I’ve never heard of was just as average as Twelvy. Remove two features (I’m looking at you A$AP Twelvy and YP) and this is a true banger. However, those guys weren’t “what the hell” wack, just “damn, you followed the wrong dude’s verse” wack.

7. Common Knowledge- Asher Roth’s style is the kind you have to admire. He has the ability to make just about every other word rhyme without getting corny. Plenty of guys try it and end up spitting nursery rhymes (including Asher himself early on) but Ash has a great way of forming and delivering complex rhyme schemes and still telling a coherent story. I feel like seven songs in and this guy hasn’t had one slip up lyrically, I mean it’s damn near epic.

8. Golden Midas (feat. Boldy James, Nico Segal, Greg Landfair Jr. of KTD)- This joint rocks for sure. Ash keeps the streak going with 8 straight songs and 8 ill verses. Plus my boy Boldy James goes bar for bar with Ash with straight heat rock. So far only a couple of Ash’s 1 million features weren’t able to keep up and they know who they are, but so far every guest has tried their best not to be overshadowed by Roth’s fury. The result is 8 tracks of blazing fire. If the tape stopped here it would be classic so I’m hoping there’s no drop off in the second half.

9. Insurance (feat. ZZ Ward, Rockie Fresh, Blu)- I can make these comments a lot shorter at this point cause I’m gonna end up repeating myself. Asher is killing everything he spits on and just about every beat bangs. Rockie Fresh killed his verse and Blu who is a very slept on M.C like Asher kills his short cameo. Yet another great song, damn.

10. Hard Times (feat. Kids These Days, Casie Veggies)- Very real song, Ash and his features once again deliver. Honestly Ash saved the year’s best hip-hop for last. By this tape’s end I expect it to stand up to anything that has dropped this year…maybe even 2010 too.

11. Ampersand- Just move on to the next song, or quit reading this and go download the tape dammit. Asher Roth just gave us all an early Christmas present.

12. Get By (feat. Nico Segal of Kids These Days)- This is one of those songs you roll up or sip to which is obvious the second you let it play. Very chill and though Ash doesn’t really rap on it too much it just isn’t that type of track. It’s more so just something you vibe to. Well done and I’m really digging how it changes the pace of the tape.

13. Not Meant 2 Be (feat. Nathan Santos)- I’m not going to comment on this song, it’s just too real. This song is meant to be heard, not read about.

14. Running Away (feat. Nathan Santos)- Ash keeps it real on this one to0. It seems as though from the look of things the second half of this tape was reserved for Ash’s thoughts, feelings and emotions. Obviously they are well put and delivered graciously. I’m telling you, I’m in hip-hop heaven right now.

15. Charlie Chaplin (feat. Phil Ade’, GLC, Thurz)- Yet another chill, easy to vibe with track. I’m tired of saying Ash killed it but yet again he does. I can’t wait to listen to this one while I’m riding. Ash overshadows his features a bit even though they weren’t wack but Asher comes too hard on these tracks for anyone to get by dropping average bars.

16. Dope Shit- The title says all you need to know about this song. He could of also called it Real Hip-Hop.

Look, all I can say is Asher Roth really put in work on this tape. I’ve always been a fan which I will admit but trust me, I abandon all biases for my reviews. I mean honesty and integrity is important to me, that’s the Leon Hart way. So take my word for it, this is a classic mixtape no matter how you slice it. Ash outshines a few of his features but it’s not because any of them were wack, they just couldn’t hang with Ash Roth’s elite bars but no one ruins any songs or anything. Plus, aside from the few who couldn’t keep up everyone who stepped foot in the booth to lay down a guest verse delivered. I expect this to be touted as one of the mixtapes of the year for sure if not THE mixtape of the year. Hands down classic effort and easy 10 out 10. If you decide to sleep on Pabst & Beer then you might as well stay sleep. Period

Download the tape here if you’re wide awake and ready for the real.

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