Nuggets: A Gift From 12 Gage Dan

As the dust settles from our Christmas weekend and we prepare for the coming new year I thought it would be a good time to address everyone out there and wish you all happy holidays. I know I’m late for Christmas but it’s such a busy holiday that most Christmas post go unread until after so technically I’m right on time. But what I wanted to share with you guys as a special treat is a video from one of my YouTube subscriptions, 12 Gage Dan who is an amazing harmonica player. I became a subscriber of his when I bought my first harmonica and I needed someone to teach me how to use it. After considerable amounts of trial and error I found 12 Gage Dan and I actually began to learn. Recently 12 Gage released the video below of himself and his uncle Dr. William Hopper performing a song he wrote for his wife called Sundown Blues, which she taped on her iPhone. I was so moved by this heartfelt moment I reached out to him and asked if I could share this special gift that he decided to share with his YouTube audience with my own audience and he obliged. For that, I am grateful and I hope you and yours enjoy this touching family moment and hopefully you share many moments like this with whom ever you love as we draw closer to the new year.

Click here to visit 12 Gage Dan’s YouTube page and become a subscriber.


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