On a serious note, some sites including the popular Wikipedia have blacked out today in protest of Congress’ bill to limit the internet through the PIPA & SOPA acts. These acts supposedly aim to protect Copyrights amongst other things and would make sites that run for free (such as this one), almost impossible to stay afloat. I made an attempt to contact my local government representative today and the response was typical, “We appreciate you voicing your concern and we will make sure they are passed on to Mr. Cummings” (Elijah Cummings is my rep). Of course they will not pass on my concerns and so far they have failed to listen to many of the cries for the internet to stay free. We all understand that internet sharing has been abused and have caused serious damage to the structure of businesses such as record labels while making pirating sites for example more popular. However, sites like this are dedicated to the honest spreading of ideas and human ingenuity something that should never be restricted or treated as a crime. If you disagree with PIPA & SOPA I urge you to remember our governments decision to ignore it’s people as another round of elections comes around the corner. If you aren’t familiar with these bills you can learn more here. We must do our part to protect our freedoms so if you oppose this bill be sure to do your part in making sure it is not passed.


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