Nuggets: The Bullits feat. Lucy Lui and Jay Electronica “Close Your Eyes”

This is pretty old, over a year old to be exact but I’m posting it because I don’t know how many people know about The┬áBullits but I feel like everybody should. Below is the official video for my favorite record by The Bullits “Close Your Eyes” and a bonus video of dancer Storyboard P doing some interpretive dance to the song on the streets of New York City. The Bullits are mysterious and unpredictable so it’s hard to give any details on what they have going on but you can keep up with them via there YouTube page.

Nuggets: Moses Melkonian “Like Gods”

This is simply just great music with a great video to support it. I don’t know much about Moses but I will giving you updates on whats going on with this talented musician as they are revealed to me. Maybe Moses will tell me more about himself by hitting me up via my Contact page *hint*hint*. Until then, you can find more Moses Melkonian here.