Nuggets: Joe Cool

I love this song. This is “I Wanna Sell Drugs” by Joe Cool but don’t let the title fool you it’s much deeper than that. You have to love hip-hop like this it’s honest, it’s smooth and it’s backed by a great video. Don’t let this nugget slip by, check out the video and let me know what you think.


Nuggets: The Seshen

This is seven-piece Bay Area band The Seshen. I just had this little nugget of good music dropped on me so of course I had to pass it on to you. They have a very soulful sound full of variety and intrigue. They’re definitely worth a listen so be sure to click play. Debut album coming in February.

Nuggets: Evan Voytas “Can’t Let Anybody Know Who You Are”

I’m so super down with this song that I don’t know what to do with myself. This will be releasing on Evan’s new EP “Feel Me” releasing January 24th which I will own. This song has such a hypnotic vibe and pulsating beat you just have to rock to it. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Nuggets: Maffew Ragazino “Blaxploitation”

I’m digging the hell out of this song so I figured I’d pass it along. The beat bangs, the flow is tight and the video is awesome even though it’s unofficial. Rhyme Pays is out now and by tomorrow I’ll probably have it fully digested for you guys but this guy has the potential to be featured in Heavy Rotation without a doubt.

Nuggets: A Gift From 12 Gage Dan

As the dust settles from our Christmas weekend and we prepare for the coming new year I thought it would be a good time to address everyone out there and wish you all happy holidays. I know I’m late for Christmas but it’s such a busy holiday that most Christmas post go unread until after so technically I’m right on time. But what I wanted to share with you guys as a special treat is a video from one of my YouTube subscriptions, 12 Gage Dan who is an amazing harmonica player. I became a subscriber of his when I bought my first harmonica and I needed someone to teach me how to use it. After considerable amounts of trial and error I found 12 Gage Dan and I actually began to learn. Recently 12 Gage released the video below of himself and his uncle Dr. William Hopper performing a song he wrote for his wife called Sundown Blues, which she taped on her iPhone. I was so moved by this heartfelt moment I reached out to him and asked if I could share this special gift that he decided to share with his YouTube audience with my own audience and he obliged. For that, I am grateful and I hope you and yours enjoy this touching family moment and hopefully you share many moments like this with whom ever you love as we draw closer to the new year.

Click here to visit 12 Gage Dan’s YouTube page and become a subscriber.

Nuggets: Marques Toliver

In the era we live in one has to wonder if music is about music anymore. Sometimes you get tired of hearing the things we hear (money, swag, women, swag, cars, swag, money, swag). Sometimes you get tired of seeing the things we see (money, swag, women, swag, cars, swag, money, swag, Kardashians, swag). What makes me exhale and say it’s gonna be all right are those moments that pull me back down to Earth and make me proud of Human capability. I’m talking about the moments that give you chills versus the moments the make you shake your head. This is an ode to the real internet sensations that aren’t women shaking their asses at Walmart, or idiots planking on inanimate objects, or people fighting on reality T.V shows but people being great. Today I want you to exhale with me and take the moment to check out a man performing from his heart. This is Marques Toliver and he’s a very talented violinist/singer/songwriter who is from the states but currently touring with other artist in the U.K. I became an instant fan of his after this video and I’m pleased to share it with any of you who need to be reassured stuff like this still exist.

Nuggets: Nimmo And The Gauntletts

I just had to drop a nugget for the U.K band Nimmo And The Gauntletts. This is one of those bands I’m keeping my eye on right now and I was pleased to see that they are releasing videos right now of acoustic performances from right inside their home. I decided right then I should spread the wealth of their sound to those who haven’t heard. So check them out below in Breakfast With Nimmo And The Gaunletts part 1.